Our Toolbox

Our menu of strategies is comprehensive but does not include pre-cooked solutions.

No magic formula fits every problem we help solve. Instead, we approach all cases individually, relying on years of experience. Then, we develop tailored techniques to serve the client’s goals. Below is a preview of some of our instruments.

Life Insurance Architecture

An optimal life insurance strategy starts with defining goals in collaboration with the client and their advisory teams. As an independent firm, we scan and analyze the life insurance market for the best solutions regardless of carrier. Our expertise, strategic partnerships, and relations help our clients achieve the highest possible underwriting class and the most cost-effective policy.

Insurance Policy Audit

We analyze the policy’s structure and content in depth. In many cases, we find ways to reduce the cost of coverage or significantly increase the benefits. As part of our review, we verify the proper policy ownership and beneficiary designations. Improper ownership may create unneeded estate taxation, while incorrect beneficiary designations may result in an unintended inheritance.

Leveraged Life Insurance

Using debt to secure life insurance coverage often proves to be an extremely efficient strategy for high-net-worth families with insufficient cash reserves, like real estate investors or business owners. This approach can provide significant liquidity at death while protecting the cash flow during life. Our team will help analyze the risks of borrowing funds for the premiums.

Strategic Philanthropy

Give from the heart while being smart. We can maximize the effect of philanthropic contributions through a combination of income and estate tax strategies leveraged with life insurance. Strategic philanthropy provides the foundation for the transfer of wealth and family values.

Qualified Asset

Our team can help reduce future income and estate taxes for clients with qualified retirement plans over $500,000. We use proprietary software that integrates the latest tax laws to uncover the optimal solution based on the client’s situation. Our approach often provides remarkably more flexible distribution plans as opposed to the rules dictated by the IRS.

Wealth and Tax Projections

The use of life insurance products is an essential component of today’s tax planning. Our team can help you identify, on a year-by-year basis, the impact of estate and income taxation. Once the problem has been defined, our strategies can help reduce the adverse effects of taxation on your legacy.

 We will be happy to discuss in depth any of these (or many other) techniques that may work best for your client’s situation.