Our Toolbox

Our menu of strategies is comprehensive, but it does not include pre-cooked solutions.

There is no magic formula that fits every problem we solve. Instead, we approach all of our cases individually and use various techniques that best serve our client’s goal. Below is a preview of some of our instruments.

Life Insurance Architecture

Optimal life insurance strategy starts with defining goals in collaboration with the client advisory teams. As an independent firm, we scan and analyze the life insurance market for the best available solutions regardless of carrier. We help clients achieve the highest possible underwriting class, which translates into the most cost-effective policy.

Insurance Policy Audit

Our proprietary algorithm, “MyLifeAudit,” scrutinizes your policy’s structure to ensure that estate taxation will not erode the value of your coverage. In many cases, we find ways to reduce the cost of coverage or increase the benefits significantly. We verify the proper and most tax-efficient composition of beneficiaries in line with the family’s wishes.

Leveraged Life Insurance Planning

The use of debt to secure life insurance coverage often proves to be an extremely efficient strategy for high-net-worth families. This approach can provide significant liquid assets at death while also protecting the cash flow during life. Our team can help you avoid an unnecessary sale of property while minimizing the impact of taxes.

Strategic Philanthropic Planning

Give from the heart while being smart. We can help maximize the effect of your philanthropic contributions through a combination of income and estate tax deductions leveraged with life insurance. This approach allows you to change your contribution priorities over time and create even more family wealth for legacy distributions.

Qualified Asset – Tax Mitigation Planning

Our team can help reduce (and often remove) all future income and estate taxes for clients with qualified retirement plan assets of $500,000 or greater. Our proprietary software integrates the latest tax laws to uncover the best solution based on the client’s situation. In many cases, we can also help avoid the required minimum distributions.

Income & Estate Tax Reduction Planning

The use of life insurance products is an essential component of today’s tax planning. Our team can help you limit the impact of estate taxes and grow wealth with no income tax. Our strategies can help leverage your assets upon death and create a more beneficial income tax basis for the next generation, regardless of future legal changes.

We will be happy to discuss in depth any of these (or many other) techniques that may work best for your or your client’s situation.